It is important to understand that one of our concerns will be a nutritional program and your ability to metabolize and utilize the nutrients consumed. Nutritional vitamins, minerals, enzymes, homeopathics, phytopharmaceuticals and herbs may be prescribed and administered orally.  The purposes of these recommendations are:

  1. improvement of overall nutritional status
  2. improvement of metabolism
  3. improvement in sense of well-being
  4. maintenance or reduction in weight
  5. possible remission or reduction of pain where present.

Studies show that our North American diets are highly inadequate, that 75% of the food consumed is processed, 65% of the population is overweight, and that 65% of the deaths each year are from nutrition-related illnesses heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, gastritis, certain cancers, and many joint diseases.

As alternative practitioners, we recognize that each person is biologically unique, and individual assessments are required to develop an appropriate treatment approach for each individual. This is why we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness care, because it does not work or does not work for long for most people.

At our clinic we believe in strategies for total body health.  Any optimum health plan is best determined by evaluating the persons individual biochemistry as well as evaluating their individualized dietary and lifestyle choices.

Well documented research has been reported in several medical journals leading to the development of the wellness model.  Unfortunately, the disease based framework continues to be the primary foundation of bio-medicines health practice.  A true total body wellness program addresses health from a broad framework.  There are specific challenges that are common to every chronic disease condition  specific energy imbalances, structural misalignment, chronic malnutrition, chronic infections and co-infections, and chronic toxicities or intolerance's.  To actually reverse disease, it is essential for these challenges to first be identified, and addressed in a particular order.  A thorough history, examination and assessments are an important part of health care. These provide the foundation for an accurate diagnosis and are synonymous with responsible care.

By addressing the specific issues that can lead to disease, we and our patients are able to get at the underlying cause, rather than simply treating symptoms for a lifetime with a single magic bullet management.