Advanced Muscle Activation Technique

There are less than 20 practitioners in the United States that are certified in Advanced Muscle Activation Technique (AMIT).  Dr. Wear was one of those. This is an excellent technique to assess and then accelerate healing to maximize function and human performance.  The protocol integrates the structural, chemical and electromagnetic systems of the body.  Injuries can be predicted and prevented by defining vulnerabilities through the innate intelligence guided systems approach to assessment, diagnosis and therapy. Listen to the interview on either of the above websites.

The results with the muscle integration/activation have been superior in patients with neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle pain, headaches, and other neuromuscular conditions.  It is necessary to restore crisp, clear communication from the brain to the body and it function.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is a system of analyzing the function of the muscles in the body.  The purpose is to identify muscles that have become neurologically inhibited and are unable to respond to normal use.  This neurologic inhibition can occur as a result of the muscle being overloaded beyond its ability to handle the stress.  This inhibition leads to poor support and control of joints and muscles and causes weakness and pain. We use a therapy base of chiropractic care and muscle integration technique to assess, diagnose and treat acute or chronic injuries or acute or chronic muscle dysfunction.  This is done by integrating the structural, chemical and electromagnetic systems in the body to accelerate healing and improve human performance.

This is unique in that it can isolate a particular muscle in the body to determine if it is creating positions of instability. Treatment seeks to reactivate inhibited muscles.  When a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to support the stress, it either tears or the proprioceptive system inhibits the muscle in an effort to protect it.  It is much like a circuit breaker. Once the inhibited muscles are identified, reflex points and spinal segments are stimulated to re-establish proper neurologic function and thereby restore proper function to the muscles, resulting in resolving pain and improving the body's ability to resist injury.

Muscles give the body support and create movement.  If muscles are not supporting and moving the body properly, the body will break down over time.  Chiropractic seeks to restore proper motion and alignment to the spine.  It has been my experience that spinal adjusting alone is not enough to restore health to the spine.  Muscle Activation Technique addresses the imbalances in the body, healing the body on a much more complete level, leading to more complete recovery and success in cases where chiropractic alone may have been only partially successful.