Dr. Wear holds two health care doctorates.

He has maintained a full-time practice as a Chiropractic Physician since September 1971;

he added Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture certification in 2000,

a Naturopathic Medical Doctorate in 2006,

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique certification in 1993,

and recently has become a member in Dr. Jason West's Eagles Club.

Dr. Wear believes that the only way to provide the best treatments for patients is to continue to learn.  With that in mind, Dr. Wear has thousands of hours in formal education and practicum, and makes a commitment to 150-200 hours yearly.

Many patients that come into our clinic are desperate, they have tried everything to get well, only to find that nothing has worked for them.

Many of them have gone through standard and experimental normal medical treatment.

Dr. Wear believes that he can truly help people to get to a higher level of health.