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Destination - Total Body Wellness

At Nampa Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, we believe that the body has the ability to heal itself, if provided with what it needs.  All we have to do encourage and help it along.  We  provide a natural approach to health and wellness in a facility that welcomes your family members and friends.  We are your partners in your successful journey to a more healthful you.  This is always contingent upon your willingness to embrace a plan moving forward to better health. We offer a wide variety of services including, herbal medicine, homeopathy, infusion medical nutritional therapy, oral medical nutritional therapy,  Prolozone, Neural Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, acupuncture, Advanced Muscle Activation Technique, dietary, wellness and nutritional counseling, scar and neural therapy, low level cold laser, Chiro+Plus Kinesiology, and spinal and extremity manipulation.

We have had successes with patients with a variety of health challenges.  How quickly your problem responds to care can depend on several factors. Each of us has specific needs, nutritionally, physically and emotionally.  A natural approach to family practice encompasses all of those needs and treats the whole person.  We believe that, even in infancy, it is beneficial to monitor health status, and address imbalances whenever they occur.  We have a passion for re-introducing the true primary care doctor-patient relationship.

We believe that every person we have the privilege to serve deserves the very best care that we can provide, that is why our approach is "Total Body Wellness".   Since we are natural biological organisms, we can only maintain, or regain good health through a natural approach -- through foods and lifestyles in keeping with our individual biological needs that nature gives each of us.  We all must learn to care for our own bodies, since we alone live in it, we feed and direct it, and we bear the direct consequence of eating habits and lifestyle practices out of line with our natural biological requirements.  Simply stated, the foods that you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe make up your chemical intake and your body's fuel supply.  A properly working nervous system determines our health.  That is why chiropractic is so important for proper nervous system function.  Any chemical imbalances we may have can only be a direct response to one or more of these.

Drug and high tech approaches to disease management are slowly yielding to overwhelming amounts of new research evidence that supports the importance of food and nutrients, a proper nerve supply, exercise, clean air, and emotional security.  In order to determine the perfect fuel mixture - food, vitamins, and minerals - and oxygenation (exercise) for you, it is necessary to run thorough assessments.

We provide a high level of diagnostic and protocol services to help our patients with their specific health challenges.

Our Mission

In the practice of professional health care, like the lessons learned and wisdom applied in life, we all are in search of the techniques and methods that work for us.  The lessons already learned by those we trust are an excellent starting point in finding our own way, but we must all find our own way.

We encourage each patient to learn as much as possible about all alternative, complementary and conventional therapies available to them.  We understand your commitment of time, energy and other resources in pursuing better health through our clinic and we want to provide your best possible experience.

We believe you are an active participant in your health care.  We make it our mission to help you with healing the incredible machine that is your body.

Effective Coaching

Almost everyone is going to go through a healing crisis, flare-up, brain fog or pain.  You are the Player in this game of health we are the Coaches.  Without communication, collectively we cannot win the Game of Recovering Health.

Things to keep in mind: keep your appointments, if you have a question ask, read the Newsflashes, look at our website, and make sure we have your email.

Remember, we will ship nutrients to you, don't let yourself run out.